700K minus the downpayment leaves you with a mortgage of about $560K, so roughly about $3500 per month. Add taxes and cc’s of $1500 and you need to cover $5K per month for the apt. $200K let’s you take home about $10K per month.

This calculates the monthly payment of a $700k mortgage based on the amount of the loan, interest rate, and the loan length. It assumes a fixed rate mortgage, rather than variable, balloon, or ARM. Subtract your down payment to find the loan amount. Many lenders estimate the most expensive home that a person can afford as 28% of one’s income.

400K Mortgage Monthly Payment $400000 (400k) mortgage loan amortization schedule for 30. – $400000 (400k) 30-year fixed mortgage. monthly payment ( ,610.07), amortization table and etc. Community Mortgage Funding – CMF Home Rewards – CMF Home Rewards is a free benefit offered exclusively through your credit union that provides expert guidance and up to a 25% rebate.

Dave Ramsey Is WRONG! The term, "afford" is highly subjective. I’ll give you a mortgage banker’s answer to show you what you can qualify for. There are a couple of important variables int he approval equation: * What is your down payment? * What are your other debt pay.

A mortgage brokerage firm is suing Waterbridge Capital CEO Joel Schreiber for allegedly bilking it out of a $700,000 fee for arranging a loan for the purchase of a large downtown Los Angeles. This calculates the monthly payment of a $700k mortgage based on the amount of the loan, interest rate, and the loan length.

10 Million Dollar Mortgage Although mortgage rates are tied to the U.S. benchmark 10-year treasury note, they are sensitive to global economic trends.. This is up from 10% in February and 4% in January. investors could see the potential for lower dollar prices and higher mortgage rates, unless demand can be found from another source. This will.

I currently live in NYC where a 1 bed room co-op is about $150-$200k, a condo is $500-$700k and a house is $600-$800k. if you are paying 7% toward student loans but get 30year fixed mortgage at 4.5.

For our two Seattle restaurants, it would be a $700k increase in costs over the prior year. chad mackay: Number one is that absolute disregard that tips are income. The IRS, banks, mortgage.

Here’s what she wrote: In about 16 months I will retire and move about $700k that is currently invested in mutual. Modest expenses of around $43k/yr, not including mortgage, property tax (2% of.

Richard Devereux-Cooke QC, representing Mrs Gale, challenged the ruling, claiming she was as much a victim of the dishonesty of Mr Gale, a former mortgage broker, as the people who invested in him.

She also forged a driver’s license, passport, court order and mortgage paperwork, authorities charged. “She’s a very good con artist,” lawyer Debbie Carlitz, her former employer, said after.